Ford F150 Transmission Ecoboost Problems, Complaints

Do you have any Ford F150 transmission Ecoboost problems, complaints? Ford F150 transmission with Ecoboost problems and owner complaints on newly introduced model. With the all-new Ford F150 Ecoboost engine equipped truck with SelectShift transmission it uncovered its own set of actual and potential transmission problems. This website provides information to California consumers that can be used to alleviate the problems they may be experiencing with their F150 Ecoboost, and/or legal remedies available to them under the California lemon law.

These owner problems and complaints may include:

On the newer Ford F150 equipped with Ecoboost engine, SelectShift automatic transmission problems (this is actually an electronically shifting/ controlled dry clutch gearbox) have been found to occur. These transmissions are known to have an internal seal(s) that leak oil from the gearbox case onto the shifting clutches, thus causing transmission operational problems, as well as transmission “tear-downs” and major internal parts replacements. There have also been reported work being done to driveshafts / drivelines on these trucks. Some common Ford F150 transmission Ecoboost problems, complaints…

Among the transmission problems reported by F150 owners includes:

  • “CHECK ENGINE” warning light and transmission operational problems.
  • Harsh shifting of transmission, or other transmission shifting complaints/problems.
  • Loss of power on initial take-off from a stop or from low speeds.
  • The feeling of the transmission “slipping”.
  • Harsh or delayed engagement of transmission
  • “Jerking” or “shuddering” upon take-off from a stop.
  • Transmission oil leaks.
  • Repeated re-programming (re-learning) of transmission by Ford dealers to “correct” the issue.
  • Rebuilding or replacement of transmissions for these problems.
  • Replacing leaking transmission seals due to contamination of shifting clutches by leaking oil.
  • Car owners are routinely being told “this is normal operating characteristic for this transmission” by the Ford service departments to complaints of the transmissions operation.

Ford Motor Company, and its authorized Ford dealers are aware of the various problem(s) with the year new Ford F150 Ecoboost. Many dealers are performing “software updates” to the engine and transmission systems on the new model to correct the transmission issues.

Here is what some dealers are doing in an attempt to correct the issues with these vehicles:

  • “Clearing” DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • Updating software to the engine and/or transmission computer
  • Contacting Ford Technical Support HOTLINE.
  • Performing TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) or NHTSA mandated Safety Recalls.
  • Contacting/referencing Ford “Oasis” online shop information system, and following “Oasis” topics repairs.
  • Awaiting further instructions from Ford Technical Support HOTLINE for problems that cannot be remedied by the above, or simply that Ford Engineering has the issue “under investigation”, but with no current fix available for the vehicle’s transmission.

Yes, you can do something about this, whether the vehicle is currently fixed or not!

If you own or lease a Ford F150 Ecoboost (whether the issue(s) are fixed or not), you live in California, and you have 3 or more documented warranty repair orders where you have complained about transmission-type/drive-ability issue(s), we encourage you to call our law firm at 1-800-225-3666, or use the convenient free online case evaluation form.

Your Ford F150 Ecoboost may qualify for a buyback under the California Lemon Law, or you may be entitled to substantial cash compensation in the thousands of dollars. In California, your attorney’s fees are billed to the automobile manufacturer. You can call us, or use our convenient free case evaluation form below. Either way, you don’t have to put up with a vehicle that does not drive/operate correctly, or is unsafe!

We invite you to contact us today. We are consumer advocates.  We are on your side. We have settled over 18,000 California lemon law cases.  We have 35 years of experience as we do ONLY “lemon law cases” – no other area of legal practice.

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