Nissan SRS Airbag Light Problems Complaints

Are you experiencing any Nissan SRS airbag light problems? Do you own a 2018 to 2025 Nissan Armada/Titan/QX56 that has SRS/Airbag light problems? Armada/Titan/QX56 vehicles produced within this model year range may be identified with potential SRS/airbag light problems that could include:

  1. Seatbelt light on when buckled
  2. SRS “seat occupied” light (seat recognition mat on passenger side seat mat cushion not properly recognizing a seated adult in seat)
  3. Red “SRS/airbag” light illuminated on dash instrument cluster when engine is running (stays illuminated after 5 second start-sequence self-test check).

Nissan has issued a Service Information Campaign on the issue of the SRS/airbag wiring harness replacement on certain VIN range/model-year vehicles. Some Nissan dealers are doing warranty replacement of SRS/Airbag wiring harnesses, seat belt buckles, SRS OC3 occupancy sensor mats on some Armadas, Titans, and QX56’s of various model-years.

The SRS/airbag system on the Nissan Armada/Titan/QX56 vehicle line is a very technologically advanced supplemental safety system. It must be functioning properly to afford the intended occupant protection. The illumination of the red “SRS/Airbag” light, and/or the malfunction of the passenger seat occupancy light signal a problem with the system that must be dealt without delay.

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Our law firm is currently collecting data statewide on the performance, durability and effectiveness of the SRS/Airbag system on Armada, Titan, and QX56 vehicles. We are interested in hearing from owners of vehicle’s that have this type of complaint/problem.

We would like to stress that this is not an issue that affects every Nissan owner. This is, however, an issue that is affecting some owners of these vehicles, much to their frustration.

We invite all California consumers who have had 3 or more visits to the Nissan dealership for SRS/Airbag system complaints to call us on our toll-free information line at 1-800-225-3666. You may be a candidate for a California lemon law claim that could potentially yield you a cash refund/payment, or a new replacement Armada, Titan, or QX56 vehicle.

We invite you to contact us today. We are consumer advocates.  We are on your side. We have settled over 18,000 California lemon law cases.  We have 35 years of experience as we do ONLY “lemon law cases” – no other area of legal practice.

Find out if your vehicle qualifies for California lemon law.
(Your vehicle is a 2018 to 2025 only, purchased or leased NEW, USED, or CPO USED from a dealership in California.)